OMUK runs a Zoom Zendo on Tuesday evenings, and you  would be very welcome to join us. Currently we are sitting from 7.30 - 9.00 UK time, though these timings may change.


We will be sitting for two periods, and have a short Dharma talk with an opportunity for discussion.


We can send you an email link to the Zoom Room, along with meeting ID and password.

No previous experience is necessary, though it would be helpful to talk to our teacher Malcolm before sitting with us for the first time.

Please read the Zendo guidelines below, they are intended to make sitting together as stress-free as possible for all of us!





Sitting Together Online 

Coming together to practice is a special time. Even though we are sitting at home, we try to show the same respect to each other and to our practice that we would in the zendo.  We try to create a calm and settled space  to attend to the moment-to-moment unfolding of experience in meditation.

Make your practice space as clear and tidy as you can, to minimise distractions for yourself and fellow practitioners. Remember that everyone else will be seeing what's around and behind you! One recommended way to sit zazen is in profile, facing away from the computer screen. This allows you not to be distracted by other people  moving around, and mirrors our formal practice of facing the wall during zazen. Some choose to sit off-camera; that’s also fine. The teacher will sit facing the camera.

Please join sittings a few minutes before the scheduled time, so as to be seated and settled in place before the period of zazen begins. Make sure you are muted before you begin sitting.


The bell will ring three times to begin the first period zazen.

In the zendo we do our best to maintain silence and stillness. So please sit still and do not move (wiggle, fidget, stretch, scratch etc.) until the end of the period.


The period ends with two bells. On the second bell, make a seated bow. The leader will announce a timed rest period.

If you wish to take part in optional Kinhin (walking meditation) during the rest period, please stand in gassho, and wait for the sound of the clapper, at which point bow, and begin walking. At the second sound of the clapper return to your mat and stand in gassho, and at the third sound bow, and resume sitting on your cushion ready for the next period of zazen.

After the Dharma talk, discussion, or rest period, there will be three bells to begin the second period of zazen, and two bells again to end the period. Again make a seated bow on the second bell.


Please plan on attending the whole of any period of zazen you join, this includes the bows and chanting at the end.



Please mute your microphone when joining the sangha in a chant. It sounds a little strange at first as you will only hear yourself and the chant leader.